Herma’s News – A Taste of Lemon, Introducing Limoncino Blue from Italy and More

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. – Sam Keen

Dear Customers,

Tell my waiter I would like a double order of lazy with a tall cold glass of something, an exquisite slice of cheese, crackers and a side of lemon. If my waiter could bring it to me while sunbathing on my lounge chair with a warm breeze and a little shade, I would be in heaven. Did you know psychologists have said that the fragrance of lemon is actually known to make people happier. We find this to be true as we have certainly been made happier by a certain cheese in our Cheese Shop.


Limoncino Blue from Italy

Janis and I had the pleasure of slicing open Moro’s Limoncino Blue Cheese yesterday. This is a lovely mild blue, creamy yet firm, that has been infused with lemons fermented and pressed into the cheese, allowing it to be soaked into the blue’s already porous texture. And that’s not all. This lovely blue has been topped with candied lemon peels and white chocolate. The perfect after-dinner dessert cheese to be enjoyed with port, brandy or espresso. Also a show-stopper cheese served on the patio with Pinot Grigio.

A Touch of Lemon

Below is a list of lemon products that will enhance food and drink with its citrusy, tart flavour – giving a refreshing, delightful finishing touch.

Sperlari’s Mostarda Mele al Limone is made from an old Northern Italian recipe for a condiment using apples and lemon caramelized in sugar and mustard oil – a lovely savoury and sweet addition to meats and cheese. Find in our Cheese Shop.

ITACA’s Lemon Oil is a natural infused oil obtained from the extraction of ripe olives and fresh lemons. Drizzle oil over asparagus, green beans, salads and fruits. Also to be used as a dressing, with fish dishes, tartare and fresh vegetables.

Beldi Preserved Lemons add subtle but distinctive lemon flavour to tagines, relishes, dressings, rice dishes, stuffing, couscous, and a wide variety of other foods. It won 3 Great Taste stars from the Guild of Fine Foods.

Brianna’s Lemon Tarragon is a tart and tangy delight that is tempered with just the right amount of sweet honey, lemon and malt vinegar. Whether on a green salad, with cold salmon or white albacore tuna on a bed of romaine, it is superb. Also great marinade for seafood.

Braswell’s Tangy Lemon Caper Sauce is the perfect balance of zesty lemon and the unique briny bite of capers. Serve with chicken, fish, pork medallions or veal. Makes a great dip for artichoke and asparagus, or as a remoulade for crab, lobster, or salmon cakes.

Other Lemon food and drink at Herma’s…

photo by the Short Bread Company

The Shortbread Company Lemon Cookies (pictured)The Village Grocer’s Lemon Flat Chickens (freezer section) – Taylor’s Lemon & Ginger Tea – Stonewall Kitchen Lemon & Avocado Oil Vinaigrette – Stonewall Kitchen Lemon Pear Marmalade – The Garlic Box Lemon Garlic & Rosemary Poultry Rub – La Rocca’s Lemon Mousse Cake – Lemon Ginger Snaps – Legal Seafood Lemon Dill Marinade & Dressing – David’s NO SALT Lemon Herb Rub – Sable & Rosenfeld’s Gin Lemon Olives – Rieme’s Classic French Limonade – Mackay’s Lemon Curd – Natural Cabana’s Original Lemonade – Natural Cabana’s Coconut Pineapple Lemonade – Split Tree’s Lavendar Lemon Cordial – Gourmet du Village’s Lemon Finishing Salt

Herma’s Signature Lemo-licious

photo by Gary Mulcahey

Lemo-Licious is one of our favourite summer treats as it is so refreshing and light on a hot day. The fresh tang of lemon zest, rosemary, olive oil, garlic and herbs make it the perfect cheese to be served alongside smoked salmon. We love it spread on a rice cracker while drinking an ice cold glass of club soda with a splash of Split Tree’s Lavendar Lemon Cordial.

Taco’s Find…

Dreamfarm’s Savel

photo by Dreamfarm

As fresh as it gets.

Savel keeps leftover food fresher longer by covering and sealing the cut surfaces of round fruit and vegetables like lemon, lime, avocado, orange, apple, tomato and onion. Its unique design bends to cover and save whatever is leftover of your food whether wedges or halves and its silicone strap stretches to hold the cut food firmly so that the food is safe from air exposure. You may also monitor your food without unsealing because of Savel’s transparent base. Dreamfarm takes every detail of design into consideration.

Other tools for use with actual lemons…

Hand-held Lemon Juicer – Hand-held Lemon Press – Citrus Spiralizer

We hope you have a beautiful, hot summer weekend full of refreshing foods enjoyed outdoors.


Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts