Party Ideas for Olives using Divina’s Hand Picked and Hand Stuffed Olives from Greece

Below are olives, hand-picked and hand-stuffed from Greece, that we carry from Divina.

Olive Bruschetta is a tapenade that is a balanced and bright mix of Kalamata and Mt. Athos olives roughly chopped with capers, garlic, peppers and spices. Perfect for salads, sandwiches, pasta and more. Pair with Feta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Prosciutto, chicken, Cabernet Sauvignon and Lager. And for a party, create Mediterranean-inspired potato skins with this Olive Bruschetta and crumbled feta. Also lovely stuffed into avocado half.

photo by Divina

Organic Kalamata Olives that are smoky and fruity with notes of red wine. Renowned for their quality and taste, Divina Kalamata are the real deal – handpicked in Western Greece and cured for up to six months to draw out the fruit’s sweetness and depth of flavor. Pair with Feta, salami, watermelon, Pilsner and Pinot Noir. And for a party, roast in the oven with mixed nuts and cherries.

photo by Divina

Organic Green Olives, pitted, are Mt. Athos olives that are harvested and sorted by hand in Greece before undergoing a gentle cure. In fact, growers return to the same tree over the course of weeks to ensure each olive is picked only when ripe.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives are hand-stuffed Greek olives. Toss with greens, dried cranberries and balsamic or panko-fry them and pop away. Pair with prosciutto, walnuts, apples, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pale Ale.

Jalapeño Stuffed Olives are buttery and meaty green olives that perfectly complement the savory crunch of pickled jalapeños. Try them in tacos and quesadillas, or up your cocktail game by adding them to a margarita or sangria. Pair with cheddar, queso, bacon, Chips and Salsa, Riesling and White Ale. When served at a party consider pan-frying with panko and serve with margarita’s on the rocks.

photo by Divina

Muffuletta Olive Salad is wonderful spread on bread for a sandwich. Key to this sandwich is a crisp and briny olive and veggie salad that soaks into the doughy Italian bread. Pair with Provolone, Mozzarella, Salami, Stout and Bloody Mary’s. Also for a party, consider spooning over flatbread and bake with goat cheese crumbles and Calabrese salami.

Pepper Stuffed Olives makes the classic martini garnish. These hand-stuffed and hand-harvested olives come alive when paired with a fruity and smoky roasted red pepper. In winter, try them in soups and stews. In summer, they add a refreshing bite to gazpacho. Pair with Manchego cheese, Feta, salami, smoked almonds or Merlot. For parties create mini grilled cheese sandwiches with roughly-chopped olives as the main topping.

Sundried Tomato Stuffed Olives are rich, robust and juicy. Try them paired with burrata or mozzarella for a twist on the classic Caprese salad. Pair with Mozzarella, Hot Sopressata, Cashews and Chardonnay. This may also be used to create mini grilled cheese sandwiches with roughly-chopped olives as main topping.

Sweet Sangria Olives are green olives that have been paired with a sweet and citrusy sangria brine, featuring bright notes of tangerine and orange. This one-of-a-kind olive is wonderful served with Prosecco and paired with goat cheese, which are sure to become your next brunch favorite. Pair with goat cheese, brie, hummus, Amber Ale and Pinot Grigio. For a party, roughly chop the Sangria Olives and bake them in a puff pastry with goat cheese until warm and bubbly.

photo by Divina

Bloody Mary Olives are pitted green Mt. Athos olives that have been paired with a savory and spicy Bloody Mary brine that’s so good it can go straight into your glass. We also love these olives diced over tacos or in a cold pasta salad with goat cheese crumbles and walnuts. Pair with sharp cheddar, blue cheese, bacon, carrots and celery. For parties, skewer with assorted olives, pickled veggies and bacon.

photo by Divina
  1. Marinated Beets, Organic Pitted Green Olives & Quail Egg
  2. Marinated Mushrooms, Organic Caperberry & Anchovy
  3. Roasted Tomato, Serrano & Manchego
  4. Pickled Garlic, Pepperoncini & Chorizo
  5. Olive Trio